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Director Cinematographer Editor

Carlos was introduced to rock climbing at just 4 years old, while growing up in La Jolla, CA with a family of creative professionals. Inspired by climbing and photography, he embraced them as guiding forces for friendship, creativity, and travel. With family ties to the climbing community dating back to Yosemite's Camp 4 in the 1970s, Carlos has a deep appreciation for the culture of outdoor mountain sports.


In the early 2000s, Carlos began shooting climbing videos while bouldering in the Eastern Sierras and British Columbia, and sport climbing in Nevada and Utah. These climbing trips defined his passion for adventure driven visual storytelling, and motivated a career in filmmaking. In 2015, Carlos established Frosting, a Los Angeles-based production company. Today, he serves as a producer and cinematographer, focused on branded entertainment and narrative film.

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Shelby grew up in the mountains of Wyoming. Along with skiing and mountain biking, he fell in love with photography at a young age. In high school he was introduced to film and video through a tv production course and made the decision to make this his career. After high school he relocated to Los Angeles to attend the LA Film School for cinematography and pursue a career in film. His love for outdoor adventure led him to create projects for Red Bull, Discovery, and MGM among others. He is constantly working to combine his passion for adventure sports and film.


Shelby is currently living and working in Charleston, SC as a cinematographer and editor.

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Ethan Pringle is regarded as one of the most well-rounded climbers of his time. Raised in the Mission District of San Francisco, he started climbing after discovering his local Touchstone Climbing gym, Mission Cliffs, just four blocks away from his childhood home. For 8-year-old Ethan, it was paradise. He fell in love immediately, spending much of his time learning how to use every inch of the wall, dynamically jump to big holds, and climb with tension—the trifecta of gym climbing. 


Now a climber of more than 20 years, Ethan has successfully climbed some of the hardest routes in the world, even establishing a few of his own. In 2007, he succeeded in the fifth ascent of “Biographie” (5.15a/9a+) in Ceüse, France: his first of the 5.15 grade. Then in 2015, Ethan repeated “Jumbo Love” (5.15b/9b) at Clark Mountain, California, which is generally believed to be the hardest sport route in North America.

Ethan is proudly sponsored by Touchstone Climbing, Mountain Hardwear, Madrock, and Friction Labs.

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Anna started bouldering at a gym in Southern California at 16 years old. With Joshua Tree so close, she quickly shifted her focus to the outdoors. Granite boulders – especially those in JTree – demand footwork and balance, and Anna picked these techniques up in spades as she progressed through the grades, focusing on slab and vertical test pieces.


In climbing and in life, Anna has a single focus: to embrace discomfort, keep learning, and have fun. In 2019, Anna ticked her first 5.14a: Galactic Emperor, in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. In 2021, she set her sights on trad climbing and before the end of the year, Anna sent Once Upon a Time in the Southwest (E9 6c | 5.13b/c R), becoming one of the few women to have climbed E9. It was one of her first trad ascents ever. Anna then became the first woman to climb the Walk of Life (E9 6c | 5.13d R/X) in 2022. Since then, she’s ticked an impressive list of climbs with few ascents including the Quarryman (E8) in a day, Spank the Monkey (5.13d R), and Prinzip Hoffnung (E9/10 5.13d/14a R).


Anna views climbing as a form of constant growth. She’s always pushing to venture outside her comfort zone and try new things – crack, offwidth, ice, you name it. Not one to keep adventure to herself, Anna shares it all through her other passion: film. On YouTube, she offers a vulnerable and lighthearted take on climbing while pushing her limits and traveling the world. Because it’s not just about the ascents: it’s about the journey and the people.


Anna’s a strong advocate for the LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC communities, as well as for female empowerment. She’s an equally strong advocate for chronically underappreciated slab climbing: “slab is sexy,” after all.


Anna is proudly sponsored by Evolv, Rab, Wild Country, and Lattice. 

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Dan was introduced to climbing by his father during his freshman year of high school. His initial fear of heights and general lack of athleticism made rock climbing a little daunting, but something about it had him hooked. The glory of the great outdoors, and the deep camaraderie that the climbing community fosters has kept Dan coming back for nearly 20 years.


Over time, hard beautiful lines and challenging competitions have inspired him to develop a relentless training regimen and the stubborn personality that he’s relied on for his greatest successes. Dan’s style and sense of aesthetic has been largely influenced by the Buttermilks of Bishop, CA. He thrives on technical crimp climbs and is drawn to taller lines. 


Amongst an extensive tick list of world class boulders, some of Dan’s proudest sends include Outer Gates (v15/16), Eyes of Eternity (v13), and Tiers of Uncertainty (v12 solo) at The Buttermilks, as well as Hueco’s seldom repeated Terremer (v15). Dan also recently completed authoring the new Bishop bouldering digital app based guidebook by Kaya Climbing. Most of all, Dan strives to improve and to push his own idea of what is possible.


Dan is proudly sponsored by Scarpa. 

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Executive Producer

Hailing from San Francisco, producer Douglas Riggs attended the prestigious film school at Chapman University in Orange County. Over the last decade living and working in the heart of Hollywood, Douglas has produced nearly 100 stand-alone pieces of branded content (Major Lazer, Taemin, Vogue), surpassing 1 billion views online, as well as nationally televised commercials (Brewers Association “Seek the Seal”, Servpro).


He has won international awards in the interactive AR/VR space for client Redbull and delved into the fine-art world, producing globally recognized works of photographic art hand in hand with artists (David Yarrow photography). “Burros” premiered at Tribeca as the 9th narrative short film from Douglas (“I Was There Too” Joey Izzo, Short of the Week), and has tallied seven major festival awards to date, catapulting it to qualification for the 95th Oscars.


Douglas has three more short films in various stages of production, including the narrative film debut of directing powerhouse Cliqua. 

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Executive Producer

Max Albert attended the LA Film School, and began producing content for CNN in 2009. He and Carlos Mason are long time collaborators, having worked on dozens of projects together. Max directed Larry King’s retirement special on CNN at the age of 22, and has since produced & directed 100’s of music videos for world renowned recording artists such as Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Action Bronson, Chief Keef, Simon Rex, Common, Andy Milonakis, Bobby Brackins, RiFF RAFF & Lil Debbie. In 2016, Albert expanded into luxury real estate development, while continuing to direct and produce music videos and commercial content.

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