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SENDING is a musically immersive cinematic narrative about a lifetime of rock climbing experience shared by a group of friends coming together for a weekend of bouldering in The Buttermilks.


Through a heart-felt introspective visual poem written by Carlos Mason, the film explores the personal pursuit of fulfillment through rock climbing in the wilderness. Waking at first light after late night drives through darkness, we share beautifully sunlit mountain wanderings of psychedelic-like natural highs that are eventually grounded by climbing's sharply humbling crux of patience and perseverance. It’s an inspiring cycle towards the majestic summit of reward - Sending the Project - with the embrace of friends supporting from below, and celebrating around the fire, beneath the stars in the Eastern Sierra moonlit glow.




SENDING is influenced by the immense natural beauty of California’s Redwood forests and The Eastern Sierras. As extraordinary as these places have been for me, I feel that the emotions they evoke reflect a shared experience enjoyed by an ever growing number of impassioned climbers around the world. 


For all the rightfully earned attention given to the dramatic first ascents, death defying feats, and world class competition that pushes climbing forward, I feel that much of what makes climbing so deeply fulfilling is unfortunately overlooked. In hopes of shining light on some of the unrecognized magic of our sport, I share with you the un-graded, life enriching, authentically emotional personal and social journey that I’ve gratefully found in climbing. 


The people I’ve met along the way have inspired admiration and friendship that will last me a lifetime. Appreciating the magnificence that climbing has shown me in our natural world, I simply couldn't work my way through another year without creatively sharing this story for all to see. It was a paramount pleasure to make, for it gave me a voice and story-telling purpose I haven’t felt since the first days I held a camera.

I hope you enjoy.


Thank You

- Carlos 


Behind The Scenes - Part 1 - Introduction

Behind The Scenes - Part 2 - Origin Story

Behind The Scenes - Part 3 - Creative Direction

Behind The Scenes - Part 4 - Cinematography

Behind The Scenes - Part 5 - Atlas Orion Silver Edition



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